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Commander of the Cojo's warriors

Midala was not only the commander of the Cojo’s warriors, but he also had the reputation of being the brainiest man around. He no longer relished fighting the Cojo’s wars when he did not understand their necessity. Military man though he was, after the many senseless killings that he had been party to, he had turned into a man of peace, believing in negotiation and thinking it much more satisfying to ensure that his fellow tribesmen had plenty to eat.

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Book 1

Chapter 2: Inhambane

(Inhambane, Mozambique, 1790s)

The Chopi people had always had a unique relationship with elephants whom they called their forest cousins.

Chapter 9: The Enemy Approaches

(Inhambane, Mozambique, 1790s)

Midala had slept not a wink all night. Shortly after the first crow of the cock, the tom toms had begun to rumble. This time things were happening nearer hom...

Book 2

Book 2 Chapter 1: Leaving Inhambane

(Inhambane, Mozambique, 1790)

Midala had stopped feeling the pain in his ankle and wrist, but what was worse was that his whole body felt numb.

Book 2 Chapter 2: Mahébourg

(Mahébourg, Mauritius, 1791)

Think of Missié Victor as your father, your mother and your god. He has all the power, and if he decides to beat you to death, it is his right, there is no o...

Book 2 Chapter 3: Grand River North West

(Les Sept Cascades, Mauritius, 1793)

The cane stalks in the ground were firm and dark scarlet, and the leaves fluttering in the breeze, like a green sea, the colour of jade. Flourishing above th...

Book 2 Chapter 5: The Bagne

(Mauritius, 1790s)

He had already made up his mind that the strangler fig was going to be his gate to freedom. It was surprising how often that blessed tree had featured in his...