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San Cassimally

Scottish-Mauritian novelist and playwright.

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About Magnetite

Magnetite is a novel set across seven* continents over four centuries. I will publish one chapter every week from January to November 2016.

You can follow by reading the latest chapter or by starting from the table of contents. And if you like a particular character, you can read just the chapters that feature them.

* Growing up in Mauritius in the 1940s, it was generally taught that there were six continents, with “the Americas” being a single continent. The tagline follows the view – more common at least in the UK and USA today – that there are seven, including Antarctica.


The website was created by Go Team Team using the Jekyll static publishing system, starting from the solid base of the Minimal Mistakes theme.

All feature images are credited and linked, and are either used with explicit permission of the artist/photographer, or is licensed under an appropriate Creative Commons license. (Character thumbnails are credited on the linked character page, rather than the sidebar)

Please contact us if we have made any mistake with licensing, and we will correct immediately.

Magnetite is typeset in Gentium Book Basic by Victor Gaulteney via Google Fonts. “Gentium” is Latin for “of the nations” and is a beautiful open-source font with support for scripts from all over the world.

The headings are set in IM Fell English SC and the rather lovely Inknut Antiqua. From the blurb:

The Inknut (Terminalia Chebula), called »harad« in Hindi, is a nut-like fruit that can be used for ink making and is purported to cure blindness. The tree it grows from is native to the Indian sub-continent and south-east Asia.

I don’t know if the Ancestors encountered it.

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